Being happy can change the world : RêVolition !

Being happy can change the world

Right at this moment, 5385 people are working for the good of 815909 others.

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !VOLITION !

The Volition site is based on the Utopian ideal in which a sizeable group of people sending out “positive vibrations” can have a quantifiable positive influence on Humanity as a whole. The aim of the Volition site is to use the Internet to bring together as many people as possible who are willing to share “at least 5 minutes” of their happiness every day through their thoughts, on an anonymous basis.

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !DEFINITION

The term Volition is composed of two separate words: Rêve (or the dream) and Volition (or volition).

    • will : noun, the power of conscious decision and deliberate choice of action; as an individual or as a group; a wish, desire or determination.
    • rêvé (dreaming) : adj. that is absolutely perfect ; ideal.

"VOLITION" : 1a. Awareness, realization, decision to act; to change or develop an idea. 1b. the passage to a higher level of evolution or culture. 2. act through which the will achieves it’s ideal, phenomenon by which the subtle representation of an ideal is achieved, spiritual process enabling the achievement of a superior state of consciousness in an individual or a group. 3. Hist. : period at the beginning of the XXIe century during which human societies underwent radical transformation in order to safeguard the human race and its ecosystem.

Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !PRINCIPLE

Our will, or higher consciousness, has an effect on the world around us. Although the impact on reality has been known about for a long time (see article on Consciousness, in french), we are rarely aware of it. Nonetheless, what we are does have an influence on our reality and on the world in which we live.

In the USA in July 1993, for example, four thousand people practicing transcendental meditation succeeded in reducing the criminal activity in Washington by 23% (figures confirmed by the Washington Police, click here). At the time there were some 600,000 inhabitants in Washington. This means that 0.66% of the population were able to have a positive influence on the population as a whole.

Scientific experiments that have been carried out over many decades have all shown that the collective thoughts of a sufficiently large group of people can have a measurable influence on Humanity as a whole... A human catastrophe, such as a terrorist attack or an earthquake for example, interferes with Random Event Generators (click here to see example of 11 September). Another more positive example: by bringing together 7,000 people a reduction of 25 to 35% has been seen in international conflicts, and a reduction of 72% in human losses due to terrorism etc. (click here).

It is important to realize that this positive influence does not affect free will – take the Washington case for example – the criminals, (and similarly the soldiers or the terrorists in the other experiments) decided of their own free will not to commit any crime during the period of the experiment. In any case it would not have been possible to convince them to stop or to decrease their criminal activities; but they did so of their own accord. Something happened that caused them to make life choices that were more positive, both for themselves and for others. They took these decisions whilst remaining true to themselves and free to act as they themselves chose.

Just imagine then that just as the combined “positive thoughts” of several thousand people were able to decrease the levels of criminality of a whole town, so all of the ordinary people in this town would also have been surrounded by this positive energy, which would similarly serve to efface any small ‘faults’ that they may have, prevent arguments and generally make their life far better, easier, healthier and far more pleasant.

> Sending out positive thoughts can change the world!

If our life depends on our individual consciousness, then the sum of human consciousness forms a sort of collective super-Consciousness, the deep “will” of our planet, responsible for everything that happens on earth. We, as a mere fragment of this collective Consciousness, are all responsible for the state of the Earth and for the events that take place on it.

You have to take responsibility for your own life. In accepting this responsibility, this power, in realizing the important place that you have in the balance of our planet, you will change your life… And, in the same way as each grain of sand that is cleaned will transform the beach, so this change in personal consciousness, in your own deep “will”, will also be capable of transforming the world!

This is how the Volition starts: a change in individual consciousness. This then gradually becomes the search for a critical mass of Intent, a bringing together of “positive wills”, the tipping point that will achieve a change in global Consciousness, a deep-seated act of altered will. A Volition on a planetary scale!

Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !WHAT SHOULD WE DO?

Our Western society today is suffering from neurasthenia, a neurosis which manifests itself in fatigue, a state of total exhaustion, sadness, indecision and pessimism, as well as a range of somatic problems. The rest of the world is at war with itself and is in a state of famine (click here for a global summary of the state of the planet).

It is possible to take action to change the world.
How ? By sending it “positive thoughts”. Have your own Volition: a simple, pleasant and thoroughly effective way of bringing peace to the Earth: become a Carrier of Light! By consciously sending out your “positive thoughts” you alone will affect the lives of more than 150 people! And every person that joins the Volition will, in their turn help another 150 people.

> Be happy and change the world !

> Talk about it to those around you!

The positive process of the Volition depends on how many “people of good will” there are. Therefore it is very important to bring together as many people as possible. If every Volitionary could bring along just one other person, the number of active Volitionaries would double constantly. So remember to talk as much as possible about the RêVolition to those around you. The more crazy people there are amongst us, the more laughter there will be!

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !YOUR COMMITMENT

Your only commitment is to be happy for at least 5 minutes every day, with the fixed Intention that your happiness will be to the benefit of everyone.Your commitment to be happy... can changez the world !

- You could set a fixed time each day devoted to happiness, and/or enjoy a moment of happiness to the full whenever one presents itself. However, it is absolutely vital to fully respect your 5 minutes of happiness per day, whatever happens. There are no excuses, you must not forget.

- You can seize a moment of unexpected happiness and have the fixed Intention of sending it out around the planet, whilst still living it to the full yourself. The more real and intense your happiness, the more powerful it will be. Intention has a very deep seated effect; it needs neither will nor concentration.

- Whether or not you believe that your happiness is contagious to the point of having a real impact on the world, as described here in our site, is not important. Different experiments have shown that consciousness does have an influence on concrete reality, whether the person carrying out the experiment believes in the possibility or not. Therefore it really is just a question of being happy in order for the Volition to begin.

- The very fact of having read about the positive consequences of your happiness on this site, your desire to try it out, your symbolic commitment (see below) - these are all having a deep impact on a profound part of you that will now think about send out your happiness to shine around the world. Your “positive thoughts” will thus be added to the happiness of the other Volitionaries and will have a massive positive impact on Humanity!

Be happy and change the word : RêVolition !

Be happy and change the world

Right at this moment, 5385 people are working for the good of 815909 others.

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