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Do you have any ideas to help me to really experience happiness, for at least 5 minutes every day?
Simple things that I can do, when I think about it...

I find it difficult, even impossible, to be “happy” to order...
How do you expect me to do it?

I am worried that I won’t be able to keep to my commitment...
What will happen if I don’t manage to be happy every day?

- How will the fact of my undertaking to be a RêVolitionary make any difference?
I am already happy reasonably often and that hasn’t changed the world!

- There is one thing that I just can’t do...
...that is to “change my thoughts”. How can I stop seeing things from a negative point of view ?

- Why should I think about other people ?
I just need to think positive thoughts for myself if that will help me to have a better life!

- You don’t give all of the references for the experiments on Intention...
Why not? This does not seem very thorough. I need to understand in order to believe.

- And there is one thing that bothers me...
Why are you anonymous? Who is hiding behind the RêVolition site?

- Is RêVolition really a completely disinterested body?...
By this I mean is there any question of it being a sect?

- I just can’t believe in all of this...
I am drawn to what you have to say, but I just can’t believe in it. What should I do?

- Praying, or having good intentions for the world,
the principle isn’t new… and you can’t exactly say that it has been very effective.

- How many RêVolitionaries do there have to be to « change the world »?
How many RêVolitionaries are needed to have a 100% impact?

- But how is this calculated?
These figures would seem to be very precise… can they be verified?

- Are there any other sites similar to RêVolition?
Are the effects cumulative?

- Why were the colours blue, white and red chosen?
And what do the symbols of the circle and the V represent?

- Put your own question...


Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !Do you have any ideas to help me to really experience happiness, for at least 5 minutes every day?
Simple things that I can do, when I think about it

The aim of the Volition site is not to « teach » you to be happy – even if such a thing were possible – but to bring together people who are able to be happy, even if only slightly, in order to help other people to achieve happiness...

You can meet other Volitionaries on the Volition forum [click here]. This is the ideal place to discuss issues together, to offer each other support, to share ideas, and why not – your ideas for being happy.

In the meantime here are some quotations on happiness and on the art of being happy that may help you on your journey :

"If you want to understand the word happiness, you have to see it as a reward and not as an aim" - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Happiness is not the aim, but the means of living” - Paul Claudel

"Man is not looking to create his own happiness, but rather to reduce his unhappiness" - Bernard Werber

"If we just wanted to be happy, that would soon be done. But we want to be happier than everyone else, and that is nearly always difficult given that we believe others to be happier than they are” - Montesquieu

"Man always makes the same mistake – to believe that happiness means all of his wishes being fulfilled” - Léon Tolstoï

"What is happiness if not the true accord between a man and the life that he leads?" - Albert Camus

"You have to have a great deal of courage to dare to be fully happy. It is much easier, but much more cowardly, to be content with a little everyday happiness that nothing will disturb" - Marcelle Bourgault

"Three things to be happy: a healthy body, a free spirit and a pure heart" - Jean Domat

"I have decided to be happy as it is good for the health!" - Voltaire

"Happiness is when your actions match your words” - Gandhi

"The greatest secret for happiness is to be at one with yourself" - Bernard Fontenelle

"Life is not always what we might have hoped, but making the most of it is the only way to be happy” - Jennie Jerome Churchill

"Happiness is a decision that we take to be happy whatever might arise" - André Maurois

"Happiness comes from the attention paid to small things, and unhappiness from the neglect of small things" – Chinese proverb

"Happiness is not found, it is created. Happiness does not depend on all that we lack, but on the way in which we use all that we have" - Arnaud Desjardins

"Happiness is to continue to desire that which we have" - Saint Augustin

"There lies the secret of happiness and of virtue: to love doing what we have to do" - Aldous Huxley

"Dream your life in colour, that is the secret of happiness" - Walt Disney

"Happiness is a childhood dream realized at an adult age" - Sigmund Freud

"If I had to relive my life, I would make it a rule to read poetry and to listen to music at least once a week. Had I done so maybe the part of my brain that has atrophied would have remained active. The loss of these desires is a loss of happiness, and may also be bad for the intellect and most certainly for the moral well-being, given that the emotional part of our nature would thus be diminished" - Charles Darwin

"The happiness of the world lies in the unexpected" - Jean d'Ormesson

"Happiness is pleasure with no ulterior motive" - Socrate

"To be strong you should believe. To be happy you should love" - Victor Hugo

"The feeling of being happy or unhappy rarely depends on our absolute state, but on our perception of the situation, on our capacity to be satisfied with what we have” - Dalaï Lama

"Happiness is an ideal of the imagination and not of reason” - Emmanuel Kant

"Happiness does not come to those who sit and wait" - Baden-Powell

"The seeds of Happiness do not grow on their own. So just remember to water your garden every day" - Olivier Lockert

"When you pursue your happiness, doors will open where you didn’t even think there were doors - and where there would not be a door for another" - Joseph Campbell

"The best way of achieving happiness is to give it to others" - Baden-Powell

"Many, many candles can be lit from a single candle without its life being shortened. Happiness is not diminished by being shared" - Bouddha

"Happiness is something that multiplies when it is divided" - Paulo Coelho

"Showing one’s happiness is an obligation: being openly happy gives other people the proof that happiness is possible" - Albert Jacquard

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !I find it difficult, even impossible, to be “happy” to order…
How do you expect me to do it?

The majority of people have an ‘ideal’ in mind when talking about happiness – an idyllic happiness only found in dreams… This does not mean that we are not looking for this, far from it. But the path has to be taken gently, one step at a time.

For you, “happiness” might, at first, mean that things are “less bad” than usual! In this case, in order to keep to your commitment to being happy for at least 5 minutes every day, you should start by taking the time to be calm, to relax, to have a laugh at silly jokes, to look at the blue sky (even if it is through the clouds!) and, in comparison with the normal stress in your life, this short period of time will then be “not as bad”. This is what “happiness” will mean at the beginning – a period in the day that is a bit better than the rest.

And in actual fact, if just a small number of people on our little planet achieved even that – just 5 minutes of "not as bad" every day, then statistically the global level of the whole planet would move a whole notch towards the positive. This is obviously not yet radiant happiness, but it is a real step towards it.

And if, for example, with each week you manage to live life a little better every day (for at least 5 minutes) then your quality of life would continue to improve until one day the "not as bad" would become "normal"... Then, because you are making the effort to keep your commitment as a rêVolitionary, to live those few minutes of "increased happiness" at your level, your quality of life would also improve gradually over the weeks. From the "not as bad” to the better...

The day would then come when you really manage to experience a true moment of happiness. This will be followed by another day, possibly in the not too distant future, when you are really happy. It may well be that by this time happiness will have become normal to you, so "normal" that you don’t even realize it straight away. And, at the same time as this is happening to you, the whole planet will also be faring better.

Conclusion: do not aim too high too quickly. The risk of so doing is that you become demoralized or, even worse, that you don’t even start the journey. Take a time each day to consciously live a few minutes "better". Even a few hours if you can. That would be just perfect!

The Volition principal obviously also applies to both short and long periods of unexpected happiness. All that is needed is the reflection, the inner smile that says "Hey! Right at this moment I am shining out around the World!" :-)

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !I am worried that I won’t be able to keep to my commitment…
What will happen if I don’t manage to be happy every day?

Your worry does you credit. It shows the extent to which you feel it is important to do things well.

It is always better "not to do as well as you would have liked" than "to do nothing at all". There is your answer.
So just do what you can. If a day goes by and you forget your “5 minutes of happiness” – well, so be it. You will enjoy them tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

It is better to do a little than to do nothing at all. And the “power” given off by all of the rêVolitionaries together, added to yours, will also pull you along in its wake – as we hope it will pull along each one of us on this Earth!

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !How will the fact of my undertaking to be a rêVolitionary make any difference?
I am already happy reasonably often and that hasn’t changed the world!

By making a formal commitment, even if you are the only one who knows whether or not you keep this commitment, you set in motion one of the most powerful subconscious processes – that of your Intent.
Following the demonstration of the impact that a person carrying out an experiment has on the outcome (Theory-dependence of observation - Einstein), it would seem that the will, the desire, the idea or the Intent of a person are the factors that determine whether or not the experiment will succeed or fail. The result seen is nearly always the result that the person carrying out the experiment was trying to achieve – whether consciously or not.

It is clear then that the result of an experiment is determined by the opinion that the researcher has of the result: if he believes that the experiment will succeed, then it will succeed. If he thinks that the experiment is impossible, then it will fail...

It has also been demonstrated that a group of people can stop or enhance the development of seeds, of mushrooms or of animals, simply by wishing it - by imposing the Intent of stopping growth or the opposite – of increasing it tenfold. It works! But you do need to have sufficient people – at least ten. All of the scientific experiments carried out in this field - with the most spectacular successes – in the most reputable university laboratories and according to the most exacting standards of experimentation and verification (far higher than those for “simple” research experiments), have been carried out by groups of people, not just by one person, whether he or she has so-called “powers” or not.
It should be noted that the experiments were carried out with ordinary people who did not necessarily believe in the idea that the mind may have an impact on matter or on a living thing - people who sometimes did not even believe in the existence of the mind – and these experiments nonetheless showed positive results. In a group situation the mind quite clearly has an influence on matter, whether animate or not.

- It is not necessary to have great powers of concentration or to be able to enter into a “meditative state” or a “trance”, or anything of the sort, for this to work. It has been shown for example, that the most ardent slot machine players – those who hit the machine and shout at it, are likely to win more often! Not because they have altered the way in which the machine works - it is after all bolted to the floor, nor because they have a particular gift or a strength of mind – the only explanation is that the desire, the avid application, the iron will of the player has had an influence on the machine, or at least on “chance”, meaning that they win more often than the average. It is also a recognized fact that human catastrophes disturb Random Event Generators. The Global Consciousness Project ‘Eggs’ have registered totally chaotic measurements during times of planetary emotional shock such as the attacks of 11 September, earthquakes, tsunami, wars, etc.

- Nor is it necessary to be very intelligent or to spend too much time thinking about how to create your own reality. Take for the example the case of a goldfish that was put into an aquarium equipped with electrodes linked to a random electric shock generator. The generator sent out an electric current into the water on a random basis. What emerged however was that the machine produced less charges when the fish was in the aquarium … as if the desire of the fish to avoid pain had had an influence on the machine ! In a similar experiment a torch-carrying robot moved at random through a series of dark rooms (movement generated by a random movement generator). Here it was noted that the robot went more frequently into a room in which some chick had been locked up … Why? Because the chicks were afraid of the dark: they attracted the robot to them because he was carrying a light source – and yet his movements were supposed to have been generated in a random fashion!

So Consciousness, the mind, has an influence on reality. This influence goes totally unnoticed by the majority of people who are guided only by their subconscious impulses. You can begin to be aware of the effect of your actions on your life and on the world. When you are happy, with no specific form of Intent, your happiness benefits only you (already no bad thing!). However, you only have to have the specific Intention of sharing this happiness in order for this to happen – without your own happiness being any the less intense. And it will be this cumulative Intent of all the RêVolitionaries that will change the world.

Have the Intention of changing the world and it will change!

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !There is one thing that I just can’t do...
...that is to “change my thoughts”. How can I stop seeing things from a negative point of view?

Changing your thoughts or your deepest Intent is the first step in the Volition, and it is an individual step – it is your personal Volition!
It is quite normal, or at least totally understandable, that this does not come easily. As we explained in the definitions of the presentation page, the "re-Volition", is a change in “desire” or in the deepest “will”. It means an overturning of the entire way in which you live, a movement from the darkness to the light, from one side of the scales balancing Happiness and Unhappiness to the other.

The majority of people live in a state of struggle – in a grey, harsh world. They have grown through their problems. Somewhere, subconsciously within themselves they have made a link between “I have problems, I can solve them, I’ve learnt a lot in this life: therefore I need to have problems in order to evolve!” This is of course a completely subconscious mechanism. Nonetheless, the fact that the mechanism is effective (you are the living proof!), does not mean that it is in any way pleasant. What is more, there is statistical evidence that it is not the most effective mechanism either – every little photon of light that goes out in to the darkness to create light may well achieve its purpose, but it also disappears at the same time...

Drowning in worries or being bogged down by them, despite managing to free yourself of them reasonably well at every turn, has worn you out. It is a totally energy draining psychological behaviour! It is possible to live far better by remaining on the side of the Light! You need to “change sides” – to leave a life of problems and shadows, the half-light, and enter into the realm of Light. You need to change the state of “Being”. This is what the Volition is all about!

How do you do it? Have the Intention of doing it. The desire.
(Re) read the answer to the previous question – even a chick or a goldfish manages to have an influence on its reality. You can do it too! It isn’t a question of belief, of understanding, or of great wisdom – or of anything else for that matter – you just have to want to do it AND then to let it happen.

The only thing that can put an obstacle in the way is you yourself. If this is the case begin by "calling for" (wanting) the answer to your subconscious question (the obstacle) – "What do I have to do to free myself?" and then be aware of coincidences around you. The answer will come of its own accord. Understand it and apply it. Once the path is free then you can “call out for" (or want, or have the Intention of) a change in the side you take in the balance between Light and Darkness. You no longer need to tolerate the shadows: your “mission” is not to brighten the darkness just by your presence – the sun casts its light on us all from the exterior. You can live happily in the light and fully realize your mission! Be happy!

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !Why should I think about other people?
I just need to think positive thoughts for myself if that will help me to have a better life!

This is a very normal, human way of thinking – we all like to live well, to be happy and to be in good health. Unfortunately however, and for no apparent reason, it would seem that individualism is a very bad strategy. The experiments on Intention only work when there is a sufficiently large group of people, from at least 10 to have an influence on a plant, an animal or a person, to several hundred people in experiments which showed that it was possible to help half of the patients in a hospital to get well more easily and more quickly than the other half. (This half remaining in the "control group" in a blind test, using only the names of patients without giving the researchers information on name, age, state of health etc. The significant positive results were checked by doctors who were unaware of the experiment, over a 6 year period).

When you work for the benefit of another person a sort of cumulative effect seems to occur, with the wave of Intent being twice as powerful when it comes back to you, having touched upon another person. For example, experiments in intensive visualization to ward off a cold did not show particularly spectacular results – quite the opposite effect being achieved in many cases, with the person carrying out the experiment succumbing to a cold more often than those in the control group! Almost as if he or she were so isolated in their Intent that they were cut off from life itself… On the other hand however, if you were to make the wish that those around you were to get through the winter healthily, without a cold (or anything else!), then the results become very surprising – no-one at all catches a cold. Everyone remains healthy. To start off with all of those people "targeted " in the experiment, as it would seem that they have been protected by your "positive thoughts", and then you yourself…because there was no-one to give you a cold!

By wishing for happiness for other people a world is created in which happiness reigns.
Both theirs…and yours !

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !You don’t give all of the references for the experiments on Intention…
Why not? This does not seem very thorough. I need to understand in order to believe.

What do you need to be convinced of ? The fact that being happy is pleasant ? Or the fact that wishing another well can be a good thing?

Well, there are two important reasons for the lack of exact references on this site:
1/ In order for the action to be effective, you have to act without proof – in other words you have to “have faith”! To believe in what you are doing without any logical confirmation. This site does already contain many instances to prove the case. There are almost too many to be found on the Net and in specialized scientific literature. To give yet more examples would risk tipping your actions onto an intellectual level, whereas it is not this that creates your reality as it is disconnected from the Intent.

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !And there is one thing that bothers me...
Why are you anonymous? Who is hiding behind the RêVolition site?

"Who" created the site? In the beginning there was a small group of people – some of whom were concerned with the idea ("how the world could be changed – what could be done to make it better that was quick and fun?"), others were involved in the necessary IT details – in fact everyone did a bit of everything. And then there were all those who volunteered to translate the site (some twelve languages planned over the next few weeks…). Work that has been going on for several months and is now finalized – hours and hours of passionate discussion and voluntary work.
This is “who” is behind the Volition site.

So why isn’t there a list of our names (and our photos, addresses, and even adverts for each of our careers??)… Because this is not why we have created Volition. It is not a question of being anonymous (which in any case is not possible on the Net for anyone who really wants to know), it is more a case of discretion – it really is not important who started the idea, it belongs to everyone – it is theirs, ours, and yours!

The Volition process cannot work in isolation. It is the sum of all those people who participate in it. There is no point in identifying those who created the site, apart from satisfying your curiosity. The idea behind Volition is both individual and collective at the same time – the "One for all" and "All for one" brought together in a virtual circle.

We created this site to give you the initial idea – now it is up to you!
Action !

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !Is RêVolition really a completely disinterested body?...
By this I mean is there any question of it being a sect?

The site brings together several hundred people who do not know each other, who are unknown to the creators of the site, and who may well never meet. There is no guru, there are no obligations, rules, or anything else. The sole aim of the site is (as set out) to bring together all of this "good will", all of these people who agree to share their moments of happiness through their thoughts, working on the hypothesis that this will be to the benefit of Humanity as a whole. There are two possibilities – either you find this idea completely crazy (which in some ways it is), in which case you are under no obligation to participate in the Volition; or you find the idea attractive and you are tempted to try out the experiment – in which case you can join the group of Volitionaries.

Your commitment is anonymous and concerns only yourself. No-one is forcing you, or obliging you to do anything at all. You owe nothing and no-one will ask you for anything, neither today nor in the future. In addition, your e-mail address is registered automatically in the database so that you continue to receive the weekly newsletter encouraging you to continue to be happy “for at least 5 minutes a day”. – So no-one at all knows your e-mail address as the system is automatic. You can remove your name yourself if and when you so desire, by using a link at the bottom of the weekly mail. A final detail – these weekly e-mails have no publicity value, they contain no advertising and no advertising links.

To recap : Volition is made up of a group of people who do not know each other (although there may be those among the group who may have known each other prior to joining, or who chose to join as a group – that too is possible). There is no "guru", no leader and no shared ideology. The site simply brings together those people who want to work for the benefit of everyone else, just through their thoughts. It doesn’t cost them anything – either in time, money, effort or energy. No-one has to go anywhere, there are no rallies. In other words – there is absolutely nothing in the Volition principle that in any way resembles any type of sect whatsoever.

We have heard the comment: "No-one really believes in real disinterest any more"...several times. Well, to start with this is a shame, but we would say that we are not looking to convince anyone. Time will show that Volition is there simply to bring together those of "good will", those people who agree to share their good humour simply through their thoughts. There is no financial benefit to anyone, but – and this is the aim of Volition– we all hope very sincerely that there will be great benefit to the greatest possible number, and that is the only benefit expected of our Volition.

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !I just can’t believe in all of this…
I am drawn to what you have to say, but I just can’t believe in it. What should I do?

You do not have to believe in anything.
Do you really think that those chicks in the dark have anything whatsoever in their heads to attract the torch-carrying robot in his random movements? No – they do nothing. They just want something.

Experiments showing the impact of Intent on our reality have been carried out by people from all walks of life – social and cultural, by people who "believe" in the existence of the spirit, by others who totally reject anything illogical, abstract, irrational etc; it works in exactly the same way – whether you believe or not doesn’t make any difference. You just have to DO IT!

All of this is "un-believable" because we have never been educated to believe in it. No-one has ever told us about these strange experiments that show that any living thing here on Earth will attract things that are inherent to them! The jealous man will attract infidelity, the angry man attracts a fight, the coward attracts problems…On a psychological level it is a totally understandable phenomenon, for which there is ample proof. Proof that comes from the most sophisticated research laboratories, that has been established according to rigorous norms, and monitored by external, neutral bodies, etc.

So you really do not have to believe in anything at all. You just need to try.
It is by doing things that you will see the results. And then you will be convinced...

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !Praying, or having good intentions for the world,
the principle isn’t new… and you can’t exactly say that it has been very effective.

Without falling back on superstition, you actually have no logical proof that the world would not have destroyed itself already had it not been for the omnipresent, positive force, albeit it discrete – of all these people of "good intentions" who pray or work each day for the good of Humanity.

Some would go as far as to talk of a sort of balance, or equilibrium between the evils of mankind and his most wonderful achievements, between human horror and the genius of certain beings, between the wars and the prayers of men and women of faith. It has forever been the case that man has counterbalanced human horrors. Here we are suggesting that this action should become general, that this positive force for change should be built on, in a manner that is easy and which includes as many people as possible…thanks to you!

Be happy in order to change the world…
Who could refuse such a proposition? What "work" does it really entail to be happy ?
Thanks to
Volition, your happiness can spread in an exponential fashion – it can sweep across the world. You just have to want it to happen. And you too will benefit from it.

Be happy and change the world!

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !How many rêVolitionaries do there have to be to « change the world »?
How many rêVolitionaries are needed to have a 100% impact?

If you only look at the summit all the way along the path, you risk slipping and being discouraged. It is quite normal to glance at the summit before you leave, but after that it is better to watch where you are putting your feet! Just remember, you alone will touch more than 150 people. That is where you are putting your feet. When you are aware of being happy you are helping an average of 150 people to reduce their everyday worries by 23 to 25%, you are helping them to keep calm, to live healthily etc. If you prefer to think in terms of a 100% impact, then by having the Intention of sending out your happiness for at least 5 minutes every day you will still be helping 35 people.

If we stick to linear calculations – in other words we take the most pessimistic option in which this force for Change would not have an exponential effect, (which is far from being proven) – in this case, in order to make a 100% change in the world we would have to be some 175 to 190 million Volitionaries.
And even if this were the case it would actually mean only 3 “good souls” for every 100 people living on the Earth!

Do you think that it is possible to find these 3 people in every hundred who will agree to be fully happy for at least 5 minutes every day in order to build a better world? This is the Volition challenge.

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !But how is this calculated?
These figures would seem to be very precise…can they be verified?

As a basis for our figures we have taken the results of experiments already carried out on a large scale – such as that undertaken in July 1993 in Washington (example already given). The links present in the text will give you access to the official sites from which these results have been taken. All of these experiments were carried out according to the most rigorous scientific and industrial research standards. The results were then subjected to control experiments and to double blind tests, etc.

We then took the most pessimistic figures from these results, i.e. 0.66% of people taking part in the experiment to arrive at an impact of 23% in relation to the global population. Far fewer participants are necessary for the majority of the experiments and the results are often superior (30-35%)! The decrease of 72% in human losses due to terrorism was recorded with “only” 7,000 people taking part in the experiment across the whole of the planet. However, these were people who were experienced and who were working at it on a full time basis.

Finally, we have also chosen to present the calculations in a linear way and we do not take any potential exponential effect into account – even though it is highly probable.

So – if we base our figures on 0.66% of Volitionaries for a positive impact of 23% on the global population, you alone will be helping 1 / 0.0066 = 151. 51515151... people.

To calculate a positive impact of 100%, use the rule of three (from "23" to "100"), and you will be helping another 1 / 0.0287 = 34.84 people.
So, without taking any exponential effect into account, in order to effect a 100% change in the world, with 2.87% of Volitionaries on the planet, we would need to be some 190 million people.

Just remember – this still means less than 3 people of “good will” out of every 100!

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !Are there any other sites similar to RêVolition ?
Are the effects cumulative?

There certainly are other sites – or at least we hope there are – and yes, of course their effects are cumulative !
We recommend the French site "Défi pour la Terre", ", (Challenge for the Earth) created by Nicolas Hulot, which aims to bring people together to take simple ecological action in order to save our planet. You could also go to a Belgian site on Transcendantal Meditation. We don’t actually practice this ourselves, but the site also highlights the idea of the impact of the mind on the planet, as well as having other information on in-depth research carried out on the subject. In the same “frame of mind” you could also try out Humanist Hypnosis, which in no way resembles the hypnosis of the era of our grandparents, but whose aim is that both we and others should arrive at an attainment of “Consciousness” in our actions. Finally we also recommend the site of Pr. Emoto, he is well-known for his photos of water crystals and for his idea of charging the oceans with "positive thoughts", thus creating huge permanent generators of positive vibrations ("Hado" project).

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !Why were the colours blue, white and red chosen ?
And what do the symbols of the circle and the V represent?

Initially because the principle of Volition was born in France – this is an historic fact! :-)
And then – above all – for us the white background page represents an action that is pure, full of light and goodness. Blue represents the Sky, all that comes from above, the ideal. Red is the colour of matter, of power, it is life, the incarnate. The circle is the symbol of Unity, the Whole reunited, the collective; the blue represents its ideal aspect, all that is dreamed of. The V, which resembles an upside down triangle, indicates the movement of the action itself: it comes from the Sky and descends to the Earth, it comes into being, it becomes real; it is also a representation of the Whole (widest part at the top), that acts for the individual (the point of the triangle), the subtle working for the material: it is of course also the V for Victory, supported by the many smiles on the site!

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Be happy and change the world : RêVolition !

Be happy and change the world

Right at this moment, people are working for the good of 0 others.


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